Why print media continues to play an important role in a marketing strategy!

Printed media continues to retain an important role in our customers marketing strategy, Colin Hayward, Marketing Manager at Tissino shares his thoughts on why print is so important.

1.   How important are product catalogues to Tissino?

Printed brochures are an extremely powerful tool for us and we use them all the time.  When any query comes to us about our products, we never go onto our website to check pricing / dimensions etc – we always go straight to our own brochure and our clients do the same.  In spite of all the developments around us, brochures are still the best and most accessible way of finding relevant information quickly so they are highly important to us and they remain one of the most prominent projects within our marketing budget.


2.   How do you think print is adapting to modern life in relation to the digital world we live in?

The range of papers, card, finishes and laminates available today is extensive and can be utilised to support the brand. It can even be adjusted to suit a particular product or niche market.  A brochure that exudes quality supports high quality products, while other stocks can support eco-sustainable products. Print is a highly adaptive media.

3.   In your view what does print media give your customer that digital media alone can’t?

A brochure is something tangible that our client can give to their prospects, something that they can hold and feel, and something our clients and end users of our products can refer to easily.  It is also something that can reside on a desk or shelf, and can stand out from the crowd, which a website can’t.  Digital and social media definitely have an important role to play, but I think we’ll always use printed brochures.  Marketing is all about getting in front of customers and staying there so we’ll utilise all the means possible to achieve that.

4.   What are your key personal challenges as a marketer for the rest of 2015?

Tissino is a new brand in the UK and we have a high profile offering for our clientele, with high performance, upmarket products.  There are many other brands in our market, many of which are very well established, and we need to push our way amongst them and establish and maintain a prominent position.  Product innovation is key to this and so is a crisp, smart, outstanding brochure

Colin in showroom

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