We offer a comprehensive mailing and fulfilment service on site, including paper wrapping.

We have two high-speed mailing lines, including our Sitma Mailing Line that is capable or wrapping both poly and paper. There are many benefits to using paper over traditional poly, these are:


  • Studies have shown that the paper lifecycle is considerably more sustainable than poly. However, unlike plastic, people are not confused by paper, they know that they can recycle it and publishers and business owners don’t need to write clever messages on the wrapping to let their customers know that the paper wrap can be recycled or composted.
  • Poly wrapping requires commitment to communicating with the end user regarding disposal, which has its’ own set of challenges.
  • Whilst paper is also more expensive than traditional polywrap materials it is cheaper than the other compostable/recyclable alternatives - which make it more attractive as a solution for customers.
  • There are also great advertising opportunities with paper wrapping, with the whole wrap providing space for promotion.


We are able to offer up to 5 inserts as well as wrapped or naked mailing and have access to a highly-skilled comprehensive ‘Hand-Work’ team for belly-banding, cover-mounting and specific page tip-ins as required.

We will work with you and your current postal provider, or assist in looking and sourcing alternatives with you.