Print can fulfil your business objective

Choosing the right print partner for your catalogue or brochure is imperative in this digital world.  As an important part of the purchase journey a printed catalogue or brochure is a valuable sales tool.

Sam Robinson, Marketing Manager, Funway Holidays shares his views on why print is important to fulfilling his business objectives.

“As a business to business Tour Operator, the debate about the value of print often arises and the outcome is always the same… that print is very much still a part of the purchase journey for deciding on your next holiday. In fact in a recent survey 75% of our partner Travel Agents said that they still require and rely on printed brochures as a selling tool and this is reflected in our continued use and in fact growth of our brochures with page numbers increasing by 10% across all of our main titles.”

A brochure or catalogue allows the reader to take inspiration and generate ideas in their own time making the purchasing journey a more enjoyable relaxing experience. A printed brochure or catalogue takes you away from the day to day noise of digital media and offers an alternative way to digest information. Many of our customers cannot justify the removal of this traditional sales tool so in many cases are looking at ways of enhancing their printed catalogue or brochure so it sits alongside digital content.

To talk to a member of the PCP sales team and to find out more about ways to enhance your brochure or catalogue call 01952 585585.

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