John Wiley and Sons

John Wiley and Sons have officially confirmed PCP as their designated printer for UK Business to Business products.

The following titles have been printing at PCP on a trial basis since January/February and are now officially placed at PCP:

  • Chemistry & Industry (CIND)
  • Brewer & Distiller International (DIS)
  • Microscopy & Analysis-EMEA (MAEM)
  • Microscopy & Analysis-Americas (MAU)

The remaining titles are in the process of being transferred:

  • Trends (TRE): PCP to start with Jul/Aug issue (mail date July 16)
  • Practical Diabetes (PDI): PCP to start with June issue (mail date May 29)
  • Progress (PNP): PCP will print next issue (May/June; mail date June 2)
  • Prescriber (PSB): PCP to start with June 5 issue (May 21 mail date)

John Wiley and Sons said “Thank you very much for working with Rob, Izabela, and me on this project and for your cooperation throughout the proposal and recommendation process. It’s been a pleasure working with you thus far and I look forward to a successful print partnership with PCP.”

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