The Power of Print – Two Sides to the story

This week we saw Two Sides publish a press release on ‘70% success rate in tackling Global Greenwash’. It highlighted the global initiative to promote the sustainability of print and paper and has reported a 70% success rate in persuading global organisations to remove misleading green claims from their communications.
Two sides present a powerful argument and aim to dispel a number of myths around paper being bad for the environment. Encouraging organisations to ‘go paperless’ and switch from paper-based to digital communication is ‘extremely frustrating and unacceptable’ says Martyn Eustace, Chairman of Two Sides, he continues, “Marketers in some of the world’s most high profile corporations are resorting to unsubstantiated and misleading environmental claims to persuade consumers to switch from paper-based to cheaper electronic communication. Many consumers still have a strong preference for paper but they are being manipulated by a lack of clear and accurate information when in fact paper, based on a natural, renewable and recyclable resource, should be considered as a highly sustainable way to communicate.”

The press release follows shortly after our attendance at the Power Of Print Seminar on 3rd November where a number of key speakers highlighted how important printed communication is in. We saw some great examples of where printed communications enhanced a number of marketing campaigns.

Precision Colour Printing is passionate about the power of print but is also mindful of the commitment to good environmental performance and the use of paper from sustainable resources.

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