‘The Musician’ Triumphs at TUC Communications Awards

PCP are proud to be associated with FuturePlus, the award-winning customer content agency, who saw the journal it creates for the Musicians’ Union triumph, at last week’s Trade Union Communications Awards.

The Musician was crowned Best Journal/Magazine, beating off stiff competition from Nautilus International’s Telegraph and Unison’s U Magazine. The judges described the Musician as “packed with appealing, relevant content, which was beautifully laid out and easy to read”, adding it was “well-written and weighty, full of fact-filled articles and useful information for members.”

Jayne Caple, Managing Director of FuturePlus UK, says: “Our partnership with the Musicians’ Union has been incredibly successful and it is a tremendous achievement to be recognised for our work creating The Musician. Future has one of the most highly-respected music portfolios in the world and this product allows us to play to our strengths within the music market. There were clear objectives set from the client which has enabled us to create an award-winning and nationally respected product.”

Last month FuturePlus won Commercial Partnership 2013 at the AOP Awards for its highly successful Content Marketing partnership with Tesco: Home of Gaming. Future is also AOP & PPA Digital Publisher of the Year and BMA Media Company of the Year.

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