Remote online proofing system…

With seven years experience of online proofing it was never my favoured way of viewing printer-RIPed files. There were connection issues, clunky proofing tools and the pages would take an age to view. The Fuji Remote system was a real shock and breath of fresh air. The interface was simple, effective and very user friendly. The pages were quick to load and view in detail. The tools were mostly self-explanatery and actually useful rather than surplus gimmicks. And the 3D proof actually fulfilled the exact requirements I had for such a feature: It was instantaneous for every page turn and you could zoom in close enough for the text to be readable. Thank heavens someone has finally provided an online proofing system that works!


Many thanks to PCP and all the staff involved for bringing us this service. We have confidently now left printed proofs behind, and I am very grateful for that!


Scott A Teagle

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