Put your print in safe hands

…… as explained by Michael Hills, Production Manager at Dennis.

Dennis is one of the most dynamic media companies in the UK and is the 6th largest consumer magazine publisher.

The company’s portfolio of over 30 brands operates in four areas of excellence: Current Affairs, Technology, Automotive and Lifestyle, reaching over 50 million unique users and selling over 2.5 million magazines every month.

So we were really pleased to catch up with Michael Hills to hear his thoughts following the recent production of Fortnite Battle Royal Guide.

How long have you worked with PCP?

I think for 3 or four years now, (though personally, from when I took over the production management for Moneyweek about a year ago)

What makes PCP different from other printers?

Communication from their account managers is outstanding, as well as their ability to quickly adapt to a new schedule or crisis when we’re in a pinch.

The print industry needs to be as responsive as possible to an ever-changing environment and I find that PCP always seems to be on the ball.

They are also understanding and helpful; they are good with response times for quotes and queries which is crucial to get ahead of the competition. They are also keen to listen to constructive criticism to rectify anything that will improve the product or our workflow.

Would you recommend PCP to others in your network and if so why?

Absolutely. If you want your job handled calmly, professionally, and with the knowledge it’s in safe hands then you know where to start!


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