Precision Colour Printing on COVID-19 / Coronavirus

Through the evolving situation, the health of PCP’s employees and customers is of our primary concern. Our approach to managing this situation is being co-ordinated locally and is being closely monitored on an ongoing basis. A number of preventative measures have been put in place upon the recommendations from the World Health Organisation.

Ensuring business continuity is a key priority and therefore we are reviewing the situation daily and the following preventative measures to date have been taken (but are not limited to):

  • Improved office and workstation cleanliness, increasing cleaning roster with focus on; workstations, offices, toilets, kitchens and canteens to reduce risks of cross-contamination in shared areas.
  • Communication to all staff and colleagues via Intranet, manager toolbox talks, site posters in all shared areas and hygiene facilities.
  • The provision of washing stations and anti-bacterial hand gels to staff and visitors, with revised hand washing instructions in line with NHS guidelines.
  • Daily audit and inspection of wash rooms facilities and canteens to ensure hygiene standards are maintained.
  • Formal letter to staff, increasing awareness of COVID-19, documenting procedures and risks including staff travel guidance.
  • Supply chain contingency planning for incoming materials and outgoing transport suppliers.
  • Contingency planning for temporary / agency staff – aligning processes and communications to PCP staff.
  • Implemented remote working solutions for office staff – prioritised by Sales, CSR, Planning and Pre-press.
  • Ensuring availability and compliance of site based PPE options – gloves, ear defenders, work wear etc. 
  • Based on current capacity and work mix, PCP can sustain a 30% reduction in site based labour (arising from Covid-19) before this would impact existing contractual capacity.
  • A business continuity agreement with a web offset and sheetfed printer as contingency for production had been agreed.

We are monitoring this situation on an ongoing basis and will update our contingency plan accordingly.

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