PCP Print a 300 page History Book of Buckland

Duncan Ferns first wrote the history of his village 20 years ago, as a book of 140 pages printed in black & white.   His second edition – a whole 20 years later – is quite a different book: 300 pages in colour and with over 250 pictures.  It is not just a picture book though – there is a lot of new archive research and collected anecdotes and memories.  A review in Family Tree Magazine (Jan 2020) describes it as a ‘beautifully executed village history… Although a village of only 250 houses, ‘Buckland 1000-2000 With 2020 Vision’ just goes to show how many rich layers of history can be found in the smallest of communities if you take the time to look’.  Another reviewer has said ‘it is a book that is a ‘model’ of what a good village history should contain, and local historians across the country would do well to consider this volume and reflect on what can be achieved’ (publication due).  

Duncan has lived in Buckland, near Reigate in Surrey for 25 years.  He reads ‘Breathe’ magazine printed by PCP and because he liked the ‘look & feel’ of Breathe, he approached PCP to do his printing.  He says ‘All the arrangements were done by email, with paper-samples being sent by post, and it worked well, despite me having some naive questions – not being a regular author.’   With 1000 copies printed, Duncan reports that sales have got off to a good start, selling 200 copies in the first 2 months.   It is available directly from the author (email fernsdc@gmail.com for details); from Waterstones and other bookshops (via Gardners Wholesaler), and Amazon online:   Buckland 1000-2000 With 2020 Vision, ISBN 978 1 5272 4403 0, £25.

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