PCP invests in increased bindery capacity

Precision Colour Printing are delighted to announce the installation of a second perfect binder; the Kolbus KM 412C high speed binding line.

The perfect binder was purchased to cope with our increased demand for web printed magazine and catalogue production. The new perfect binder will be housed in a 3,000 ft bindery hall, adjacent to our existing sites.

The investment was made to increase our foothold in the perfect binder arena and to improve the profitability of the business in the coming years.

By adding this 15,000 CPH line we have more than doubled our existing binding capacity. Magazines and books can be produced with cover flaps, loose inserts and/or glued in inserts and all products packed and wrapped in-line.

Even at these speeds very thin products can be perfect bound – down to only 1mm thickness, or at the other end of the scale, up to 70mm thickness.  Covers can be produced in eight page format so that magazines and paperbacks can be produced with cover flaps.  The unique action of the Kolbus three knife trimmer eliminates marking or rubbing of even the most delicate cover materials.

There is a card inserter in the line, the Kolbus KK card feeder.  It can in fact glue a much wider range of products than paper/card, anything from CD’s to cream sachets. The gluing area is very large so that products can be placed over a wider area of the page than on any other card inserter.

The whole process is managed automatically by the binder quality control system. We take our ISO9001 quality accreditation seriously and the system constantly checks product quality for problems like skewed covers, unbound sections or sections misaligned.  Any product detected as not perfect is automatically rejected.

Another exciting feature of the new plant is that loose inserts can be “static nailed” during production. This entails applying a static charge to the material to be inserted, on any hopper throughout the ZU gatherer.  This means that an insert can be accurately placed within chosen pages with the static charge holding the insert firmly in place so that it does not move during production when the reader opens their magazine it breaks the charge and the insert falls out.

Managing Director of Kolbus UK, Robert Flather, Said:

“We’re proud to welcome PCP to our blue-chip Kolbus customer base.  It is exciting to be involved in this expansion project which is a huge boost to both their range of bound products and capacity”.

Managing Director of PCP, Alex Evans said:

“Since 2000, we have invested over £20m in new equipment. As one of the UK’s most innovative printers we offer new ways of delivering products including offering different sizes, adding finishes, insert and promotional services and other cost saving initiatives.”

“We position our customers at the centre of our business working closely with them to gain a full understanding of their needs, we pride ourselves on a true partnership approach with effective communication to establish their requirements’, offer new exciting products in a competitive market and a hands-on approach to project manage each job through to its conclusion.”

“Our retention of clients is exceptional and we have a number of customers who have remained loyal for twenty five years or more.  PCP’s passion and commitment, coupled with our enthusiasm to succeed makes the company well respected by the publishing world.”




Kolbus KM412C
Kolbus KM412C




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