PCP Customers Love New Remote Proofing

The very latest in upload & approval software is proving a hit with customers at Telford based Precision Colour Printing with over 75% of their customers using the new technology.

Fujifilm Workflow XMF Remote speeds up job hand-off, review, correction and turnaround of files in the printing process. Technical Sales Support, Lyanne Price said “XMF Remote allows our customers to upload their files at any time of the day, and then automatically runs the files through XMF Workflow to check to imposition, returning a virutal copy for customer approval”.

Fujufilm Remote software is also available as a free iPad app which is also proving popular with customers enabling them to check their proofs whilst on the move. Lyanne added “the software is great for shortening turnaround times and customers love the three dimensional rendered copy of their order before final approval”.

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