Paper wrapping into the future

The Lady, one of Britain’s longest-running women’s magazines has been in continuous publication since 1885. Particularly notable for its classified advertisements to recruit domestic service and child care staff; it also has extensive listings of great holiday properties.

The Lady is available both digitally and in print making it accessible across traditional and more modern forms of media. And whilst The Lady enjoys a large number of digital subscribers it boasts a huge number of subscribers of the printed magazine.

Over the last 10 years subscriptions for the printed magazines have more than doubled with subscribers not wanting to miss an issue and with the added convenience of it being delivered direct to the front door.

Starting this month, subscribers will be receiving their magazine beautifully paper wrapped for the very first time.

Helen Budworth, Managing Director of The Lady says

“We have been very mindful of late that we need to be ecologically kind to the environment and offer our readership a more environmentally friendly alternative to the single use plastic traditionally used to wrap our magazine.

Up until now the alternatives to paper wrap have been cost prohibited for us but it is brilliant PCP has come up with a sustainable paper option for our magazine. We have been asked on a number of occasions by our subscribers to offer an alternative to single use plastic without incurring additional cost and I’m pleased to say that we can now offer an environmentally sound solution whilst keeping the cost of the magazine the same.

I hope our readers are as pleased with the paper wrap as we are.”

PCP’s longstanding philosophy has always been to successfully develop our investment and innovations strategy in line with market trends to support our customer’s needs.  This style of connected thinking helps us understand and engage better with our customers in a rapidly changing environment.

As such, our new Sitma paper wrapping mailing line represents over a £1M investment and is designed to improve, both our product offering to customers but also create an added value solution, one, which complements the growing environmental agenda and helps reduce the need for single use plastics in the supply chain.

Through expert collaboration, PCP have leveraged expertise from key suppliers and technology partners to design a solution which can better connect, engage and delight customers including The Lady whilst deliver great business results.

Please do get in touch to find out more about our Sitma paper wrap and mailing solutions and what PCP can do to help drive your business and brand.