Our new RMGT (Mitsubishi) 1050 Tandem Perfector press has arrived.

It's arrived In progressExtension work to site 1 started at the end of January to house our new press which arrived from Japan on Monday 24th July.

Only 5 days in and the team are well under way with installing the press. PCP press crews together with Mitsubishi are working together to ensure the press is ready on time.

Alex Evans said:

“We are right on schedule; everyone is working well together to ensure the press is up and running on time. We are really excited about the opportunity this press will give PCP – we believe that this new machine is unique in our market, and will allow us to provide a whole range of new and exciting products for our customer portfolio.

The 4-over-5 configuration, supported by a coating unit, will provide a full UV drying system, with both inter-unit and after coater curing lamps. It will allow for such techniques as drip off varnish for spot and matt UV, metallic inks, and flood UV in one pass.

It is the only press of this configuration and specification in Europe and offers PCP a major opportunity to stand out in the magazine covers sector.”

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