Nine-Colour RMGT Perfector Press

Press ShotWe’re proud to announce our latest investment for an RMGT (Mitsubishi) 1050 Tandem Perfector press. This investment will enhance our sheet-fed printing capabilities and offer a number of spectacular print finishes for our customers. The Mitsubishi 1050 Tandem perfector press will increase efficiency by allowing special finishes to be applied in one pass.

The machine features nine printing units in a 4-over-5 configuration, built in the unique tandem perfector arrangement, complete with chamber coater unit and an extended delivery.

The 4-over-5 configuration, supported by a coating unit, provides a full UV drying system, with both inter-unit and after coater curing lamps. It allows for such techniques as drip off varnish for spot and matt UV, metallic inks, and flood UV in one pass.

It is the only press of this configuration and specification in Europe and offers us the opportunity to stand out in the magazine covers sector.

Installation is on schedule and will take place later on this year in August. Our new press will join a Heidelberg SM10P sheet-fed machine and Komori and Manroland web presses and this latest investment is valued at over £2.7 million.

To find out more contact our sales team on 01952 585585

Picture shown was taken in May in Japan by the Senior Leadership Team before it makes its journey to the UK.

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