Marvellous metallic cover for the 10th Anniversary Issue of Your Wedding Day

WeddingUsing Foils to make your magazine stand out is well worth the investment. Brendan John from On Target Magazines Ltd that publish ‘Your Wedding Day’ decided to go a step further by using two foils.

Brendan wanted ‘Your Wedding Day’ to really jump out as it was the Special 10th Anniversary issue so opted for two foils, silver and gold.

Brendan said,
“We have never used foils before but wanted to try something new. Because it was the bumper 10th Anniversary issue it was important the cover stood out and really celebrated this special milestone. Using the two different foils, silver and gold, we were able to achieve a finish that is really special and well worth the investment to cement the magazine’s reputation as the best bridal magazine in Wales.”

We’ve had a great response from advertisers and readers saying how much they love the cover and how it stands out”.
We are pleased to work with Precision Colour Printing and were impressed with the finishing options available for our front cover.”

James Denning, Sales Executive said,
“It is great to see how good the cover looks, especially after all the time we put into making sure we got it right. We worked together with Brendan to look at various cover finishes having discussed several options for some time. We looked at a whole range of finishes in order to find the best fit for the magazine and offered advice right up to the artwork. Having seen the magazine in its printed form it really is a testament to all the hard work that went into producing it.”

Precision Colour Printing is proud to work in partnership with Celloglas to provide a range of finishes for our customers in order to deliver a professional printing service.

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