It’s a gold medal for finisher Nick Ashen

Nick AshenNick Ashen, No 1 binder operator at PCP returned to Judo after a 9 year break from Marshall Arts to win gold in the British Judo Association (BJA) National Seniors and Masters competition.
Having had a break from Marshall Arts for 9 years Nick returned to Judo after his son convinced him it was a good idea. His son wanted to learn Judo and was keen that his dad joined in to support him.
Whilst training Nick unfortunately broke his leg, but this did not deter him, once his injury had healed Nick continued with his training and set himself a goal of competing in the competition.
With over 70 categories and over 200 entries Nick was determined to compete in the National competition, this year being held in Walsall on the Wolverhampton University Campus.
Competing against individuals all of which held a higher grade and came from all around the UK was a real challenge for Nick, he explains,
“After being out of competitive Judo for such a long time stepping out onto the mat for your first fight in front of 100’s of spectators and other competitors is a nerve wracking experience, but thanks to all the guys at Samurai Judo club Kidderminster and especially my sensei Nigel Tinsdale, the support and training they had given me in the build up to the competition soon started to pay dividends.
To be honest my main aim in the competition was not to make a fool of myself in front of my family and fellow club members, but after winning my first two fights, amazingly, I found myself in a fight for the gold medal.
Judo is much like a game of chess, in so much as you are trying constantly to out think your opponent and lure them into making a mistake, I was fortunate enough to be able to make my opponent in the final do exactly that and threw him for Ippon (10 point score and instant win) and secure myself the gold medal.”

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