International Youth Day- ‘An interview with Jayleigh Price’

We are delighted to have 6 apprentices on board working across the business with the ultimate aim of securing a permanent career within the industry.

We are committed to offering young people over the age of 16 a stimulating career in a dynamic world with opportunities to progress and succeed.

We interviewed Jayleigh Price in aid of International Youth Day, to raise awareness that despite high levels of unemployment, apprenticeships are a great opportunity to help school leavers make the right career choice.

This is Jayleigh’s journey…



When did you start the Apprenticeship Scheme at PCP?

“I started in March 2016 so I am half way through my scheme already. I saw the job advertised on the internet and I thought it looked like something I wanted to do so I applied. I didn’t’ do anything like this at school so I just attended the induction and liked what I saw so came back for another interview.”


‘What was it that attracted you to the scheme?’

“I don’t like office work, I’ve always been more of a practical person and prefer on-the-job tasks and activities. I also think the salary was an attraction and the chance to increase your hours when you became more confident and knowledgeable.”


‘How would you describe your experience so far?’

“Great! I started in bindery for the first few months, then I moved to the offices. I worked on the maintenance system called Pirana where I was responsible for ordering new equipment. Since then, I’ve moved to different machines so it’s been incredibly varied and I’ve been able to learn so much, much more than I ever imagined.”


‘What do you enjoy about this scheme and what would you say your common challenges are?’

“I enjoy the rotations however I’m most happy when working on the Mitsubishi 6 colour sheet fed press. I feel more relaxed and because it’s a slower machine, I have a better chance to check the quality. Also, I enjoy working with people as everyone is so nice and welcoming.”


‘Do you enjoy studying alongside working a full-time job?’

“I do prefer practical over theory but I don’t mind it. We have coursework to do every couple of months but I do find it helps me when working on the job. For example, if we learnt about the different chemicals to be aware of, it improves my safety and knowledge when dealing with the machinery. I like to keep PowerPoints and revision materials so when I work alone I can refer to them instead of asking for help.”


‘What benefits do you feel you gain personally as a result of being an apprentice’

“Definitely a lot more help, I receive continuous training whereas if I came into the company as a normal employee it would be a lot less. The salary is also a nice benefit and I can learn on the job.”


‘Do you think you’d get the same benefits if you went to university or took a different career path?’

 “I think it would be different benefits. On an apprenticeship, you learn the theory and then put it into practice straightaway, whereas at University you learn the theory for the majority of the time and you don’t put it into practice until after you graduate. I can benefit from what I learn almost instantly. It’s also a good start to getting on the employment ladder and an opportunity to get your foot in the door and work your way up.”


mentoring:quality checking

‘Do you feel continually supported in your job role and comfortable suggesting new ways of doing things?’

“Yes 100%, if I don’t understand something they show me diagrams and explain it in a different way. I get on really well with all the different mentors and they also get me involved in activities. If I feel more comfortable doing something a different way they are happy with that and always encourage me to suggest new ideas.”


Young people today face global challenges such as high levels of unemployment, from your experience, do you think apprenticeships are a good way to get into a job and work your way up a business?”

 “Yes definitely, well I am in a better position than someone with no experience. Even if I didn’t have a guaranteed job, I have the experience so it gives you the flexibility to move around.”


‘What are your plans for the future? Have they changed since starting at PCP? and do you feel that PCP will support you?’

“Well I wanted to be a footballer but now I’ve started this job I’m definitely a lot more driven and I want to work my way up the business. They are always offering new qualifications, we went to Range Rover the other week to see how they manufactured their products so I know they will definitely support me throughout my career here.”

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