Head of Distribution, Gianni Cavalli of City A.M. explains why a printed magazine helped to grow their brand

City AM has always carried a large number of high end brands given the nature of its readersCity A.M. demographic. The cold set print process of the daily newspaper has not always been the best vehicle for a number of these brands and often limited its ability to obtain certain advertising campaigns.

Gianni explains why City A.M. chose a printed magazine to grow their brand.

“City AM launched its first magazine back in 2012 to cater for the needs of these brands and soon found that it was able to grow its own luxury advertising division within its sales department. There are now 4 different luxury magazines that cover Living, Finance, Travel and Fashion printing over 22 combined issues per year.”

As with most publishers City AM is also developing its own digital platforms with a very sophisticated native advertising model that allows brands to run campaigns across all mediums which is absolutely vital in this ever changing market.

Gianni continues

“Print is still the core of the business as it enables City AM to deliver its daily editorial in an accessible format with less intrusive advertising which can often be one of the downsides of a digital medium.”

Peter Helfrich, Senior Sales at PCP comments;

“We’ve worked closely with City A.M. over the last 12 months delivering a flexible service by printing high print runs that need to be turned around quickly and often require last minute changes to pagination. Our USP with City A.M really has to be our binding; we are able to perfect bind as narrow as a 1 mm thick spine, which was an absolute requirement for them.”



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