Continual Investment in print technology during COVID-19

PCP’s philosophy has always been to successfully develop our investment and innovations strategy in line with market trends which support our customer’s needs. This approach helps us to understand and engage better with our customers in a rapidly changing environment. And I’m sure we can all agree that our environment over the last few months has changed beyond anyone’s imagination.

During this time PCP has pressed on with it’s investment programme despite the many challenges we have faced and earlier this month we welcomed the delivery of a new Sitma paper wrap mailing line, which represents over a £1M investment.

As such, our latest investment is designed to improve both our product offering to our valued customers but also create an added value solution that addresses the growing environmental agenda and helps reduce the need to use single use plastics for magazine wrapping.

There is no denying that the past two years has seen a huge shake up in our expectations of how magazines and direct mail are packaged and David Attenborough’s documentary was a key catalyst that drove many fundamental changes across the UK Print industry, including how consumers need an alternative to traditional poly wrapped magazines.

Our Sitma paper wrap mailing line offers a range of benefits over and above traditional poly; including discounts from Royal Mail’s ‘Mail Mark’ scheme due to the clarity of the barcode when compared to the current poly wrap alternative. Paper also provides greater advertising opportunities for you, with the whole paper wrap providing space for key promotional activity and unlike plastic, consumers are not confused by paper, they know that they can recycle it.

PCP is committed to designing solutions that connect, engage and delight our valued customers through new print technology, and this investment certainly ticks all the boxes. So please get in touch, to find out more about our Sitma paper wrapping and mailing solutions and what PCP can do to help drive your business and brand.