Celebrating Long Service and Commitment

SERVICE 6 SL 23Graham Evers handing Ian Ellis framed front page of Shropshire Star

Ian Ellis, No 2 Printer, celebrates 25 years at PCP. Ian picked up his Long Service Award from Graham Evers Chairman of the Claverley Group last week in recognition of his hard work and loyalty to PCP.
Ian started work at PCP in 1990 and his commitment was recognised with a presentation at Head Office in Wolverhampton. Ian was awarded a framed picture of the front cover of the Shropshire Star on the day he joined PCP.
In addition, Ian also collected a gift, a monitor and printer calibrator for photographs as he is a keen photographer in his spare time.
Alex Evans, Managing Director said, ‘The Long Service Awards are a tradition that has been honoured by the family for a number of years. It is an important afternoon for everyone involved and all recipients are delighted to be there. It really is an opportunity for the Claverley Group to recognise hard work and commitment.’

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