Brett Walker at Image Publications answers questions on the importance of Printed Media and why they use PCP

IMAGE magWith Digital technology at the forefront of everyone’s day to day life how important is printed media to you?


Printed Media remains very important. While Digital technology continues to grow, print remains vital to securing revenue from advertising. One of our publications, in advertising revenue is up 8% (2015-2016). While another of our publication’s ABC circulation figure is up 5.8% 2015 – 2016, which represents that not only are advertisers still enjoying their product in print, the consumer is still enjoying buying the printed product. However, including digital into the mix, the importance in print is that it offers an additional tool to secure partnerships and vice versa. While digital may create its own revenue, print revenue remains a vital cog in our business


Do you think print media captures its audience in the same way digital technology seems to?


Digital perhaps captures a broader spectrum of an audience whereas print captures the bona fide audience which is actually interested in the product/industry. There’s a huge difference to someone actually purchasing a magazine to someone browsing the web and clicking through a website. In that context – the magazine purchaser is definitely an interested audience. It is vitally important to our advertisers that we hit this captive market for their product to be seen by the right potential customers.


Where do you think Printed Media will be in 10 years time?


Print will still be around in 10 years time. I suspect it will flatten out and quite possibly be on a decline, but it will be worked in close conjunction with digital to create one product which has print and digital elements.


Do you think special finishes and different printing techniques add value and a more luxurious feel to a printed product will be attractive to more specialist publishers focussing on niche hobbies and products?


Certainly. Not only in the niches though, there is something about holding a quality magazine in your hands and flicking through it. From the feel of it, the smell of it and especially the look of if it can give anyone a ‘feel good’ moment. There are definitely opportunities for niches to create a super product to match their industry.


And finally why do you choose PCP as a printer?


As well as value, we receive efficient, innovative quality work that we can depend on. From Peter in Estimates to James in Commercial through to the final product produced, PCP is as passionate about print as we are.

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