A Spot UV front cover, for our customer TFH

TFH Special Needs Toys catalogue 2018 shares a range of exciting and inspiring eye catching toys and resources. The catalogue which is designed to give the user a visually sensory experience has a Spot UV finish on the front and back cover.


Jonathan Stroulger, Graphic Designer for TFH explains why he chose the spot UV finish


“The catalogue is full of sensory products that you can hold, feel and touch and we wanted the cover to reflect the content as much as possible, so the spot UV finish was ideal. The finished catalogue looks great and I’m not aware of any other product catalogue in our market that uses different printing techniques to gain a sensory experience.”


This catalogue is one of many publications to be printed by Precision Colour Printing that has special finishes to its outer cover.


To find out more about the different finishes available, contact our team on 01952 585585.


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