A reputation for delivering value

Emma Ball Marketing Manager, interviews Nick Evans, Commercial Director at PCP about the most recent investments and what in his opinion sets PCP apart from it’s competitors.

Nick, tell us about PCP and its most recent investments?

PCP has been around since 1979 and form part of the Claverley Group, a portfolio of media companies in the UK and the Channel Islands. Still privately owned and turning over in excess of £38 million we are one of the strongest, if not the strongest printer in the UK. In my opinion there are few businesses in print as respected and established as PCP and our continual investment programme clearly demonstrates that we are in this for the long run.

With our future minded approach we recently invested over £2.3 million in an RMGT 9 unit UV sheetfed press that is capable of printing and applying special finishes in one pass. This in turn saves time and therefore money. It also comes with the added control over the quality; something that few competitors might offer.

Why should publishers choose PCP over its competitors?

The relationship; it’s all down to building relationships; our customers view PCP as a partner not just a supplier that provides a commodity item. Customers call up wanting to do something and we help them make that decision, because we’re considered as having the expertise and knowledge to advise and test a project or idea. Whether it’s to discuss alternative paper options to reduce costs or special finishes to add value, the sales and customer service team will always suggest the best options available. It is this approach coupled with our continual commitment to investment that makes PCP the printer of choice.

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