A printed brochure; remains a key part of the marketing mix

Newgate is a modern British fashion and lifestyle brand creating design-led clocks and watches from our British studios.

Founded in the 1990s by husband-and-wife duo, Jim and Chloe Read. The creative couple combine the worlds of fashion and interiors, taking classic styles and translating them into modern timepieces. Newgate’s innovative collections adorn walls and wrists the world over.

Choosing a printer to produce their corporate brochure to showcase their brand with the same abundance of experience and passion in print was an absolute must.


Printed catalogues and brochures still play a vital role in the marketing mix, bridging the offline/online division. How important is your brochure to the Newgate brand?

The online world is so competitive, many brands are shouting to be heard. We want to stand out from the crowd and our printed brochure allows us to do this; and bridge the online / offline gap. With a printed brochure we don’t have to worry about poor channels, connectivity or low quality. We can ensure our customers can view our latest collections clearly and guarantee our high quality craftmanship.

In the digital age, a printed brochure can bring back the interaction and sense of touch we’ve lost. Plus, it can be passed around lots of people to see (and not get lost somewhere in the web!)

We are very aware of the environment and we’re always looking at reducing our impact, whilst ensuring we are delivering the same quality and service we have done over the last 30 years. For us, a printed brochure is and always will be an important tool.

As an engagement tool a brochure can reengage lapsed customers as well as build relationships with new ones; how does your brochure help drive sales for your business?

The catalogue is a great conversation starter with a lot of our customers. It’s the first glimpse of our new season collections, and for us it’s about creating a full experience of the new range through the colour, the text and the tactility of the page. Sometimes it’s also the first opportunity a customer will have to engage physically with our brand, so it needs to be an experience that reassures them of the quality, design and craftsmanship they can expect from the rest of our products.

We engage with customers on many different platforms and employ cross-channel communication to make shopping as easy and convenient as possible, but we know from feedback that there is still something special about receiving our print brochure. We have many customers who will browse the print catalogue and then order online, so it’s about delivering a balance that gives customers the options to shop as they prefer.



A printed brochure offers an incredible opportunity to deliver a rich, tactile shopping experience to customers, but with the frequently uttered phrase ‘print is dead’ do you believe print will retain it’s importance within your marketing mix in the future?

I think people are definitely becoming more conscious of the environmental impact of printed materials, which is great. But I think there will always be a place for responsibly produced print. There are times when digital communication is by far the best medium for both convenience, efficiency and reduction of waste, but there is also still a big place for print in our marketing mix.

We only produce two catalogues a year, so those printed brochures become something special for both us and for our customers. We try each year to make it something different, something special that our customers will look forward to receiving and want to keep on the shop floor or their desk for reference throughout the year. Leafing through a catalogue and bookmarking your favourite products is a completely different experience to browsing online. I think there will always be something very special about the offline experience that print delivers.


The Newgate brochure is printed on beautiful wood free offset paper and boasts an amazing 20 die cuts showcasing each individual time piece perfectly; demonstrating print mastery at its very best.

To immerse yourself further in the Newgate brand visit www.newgateworld.com

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