7 reasons to advertise in magazines

MagazinesWe love print powers 7 reasons to advertise in magazines and we agree that advertising in magazines is still one of the most effective ways of building brands at the right time. Printing millions of magazines a year we’re obviously passionate about the power of print and the enjoyment reading a magazine can give.
So, here print power present seven key reasons to advertise with magazines.

1. REACH – With a vast number of titles publishing in Europe (over 50.000 and counting), there’s no denying that magazines are one of the most widely distributed forms of media. Magazines in Germany for example reach nine out of ten Germans and have coverage of 91.3 per cent. This also explains why in Germany magazines attract a huge proportion of the advertising expenses
2. ENGAGEMENT – Magazines are among the most trusted media, which is also translated in the time consumers spend reading titles. In Germany reading time is on average 91 min (Print Wirkt,2014). Magazines are typically close to the reader, a me-time medium allowing the reader to escape from reality. As most magazines are read at home consumers are also more receptive to the content and the advertising. For other channels consumers regularly want to skip the advertising, in magazines it is seen as part of the reading experience.
3. FOCUS – Printed media, and therefore also magazines, are typical channels for what is called ‘deep reading’. Reading that leads to thorough understanding of an often complex issue or long story (a long read). A French study confirmed that 59 per cent of the readers use magazines for comprehension of often difficult stories. Magazines are read without distraction; 87 per cent of German readers focus on a magazine. They do not watch or listen to another medium at the same time. This attention offers a major benefit for advertisers, as an important percentage of the readers will see the ad and the brand name, delivering a higher impact.
4. FROM OFF LINE TO ONLINE – Interactivity has always been an important objective of many advertisements. Magazines have offered interactivity via the inclusion of the website address, but readers can now also seamlessly go online when reading a magazine. QR codes, Augmented Reality and Near Field Communication offer advertisers a way to link a print ad to, for example, a dedicated online offer for the readers. Digital imprinting of a magazine can personalise an advertisement for a game or for more personalised online service. A study in the USA showed that over 35 per cent of readers having seen the ad went to visit the website of the advertiser. This offers advertisers also new ways of measuring the success of magazine advertising.
5. INPSIRATION – Magazines and the advertising offer readers inspiration; 82 per cent of German readers confirm this and judge magazines the best in terms of suggesting new ideas (Print Wirkt, 2015). And inspiration often leads to purchase; 45 per cent of respondents of an IPC survey indicated that the magazine has inspired them to purchase an advertised product. Magazine content and ads are also talked about, creating a buzz among readers.
6. SEE, FEEL, SMELL, TASTE AND LISTEN TO THE ADVERTISING – Each year at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity great magazine ads from all over the world are awarded. Over the years ads have been shown that use various grades of paper, a scent to be discovered in the ad or ads that can be eaten. Ads have also appeared that integrate a video including sound. Magazine ads allow for creativity, creativity that is often not yet completely discovered by agencies and advertisers, but that will make magazine ads more effective. And magazine readers have the time and the attention to explore these creative advertisements.
7. ROI – Magazines are a powerful tool in driving sales and have a high ROI. As the accountability of marketing investments has become a key priority for marketers, ROI has become an important KPI. A Dutch study shows the highest ROI for magazines. A study of 500 European cases also indicated the superiority of campaigns including magazines: ROI for a mix including magazines was 134 per cent higher than without magazines (Print Power BrandScience, 2013). Both studies demonstrate the value of integrating magazines in the media mix.

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